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The Scarlet Letter Characters Essay Example for Free

The Scarlet Letter Characters EssayDespite the fact that Hester Prynne, the athletic supporter of the fiction, committed adultery she is still an epitome of a woman with dignity. Even though her dress was marked with the symbol of disgrace she still lived a life sentence with her head high and became an important member in her community as a seamstress (Hawthorne, 1981).Hester and her scarlet letter The Scarlet letter is a story that revolves around the lives of Hester and her daughter out of wedlock, Pearl. Hester committed an adultery with a man that she refuse to name and is sentenced to wear a scarlet letter A on her dress for as long as she lives. This letter is a symbol of disgrace since adultery is considered a capital sin during those times. Despite the everyday scandalisation that she experiences from people she still bore a child and made a living through sewing. She later on gained popularity as a good seamstress.At the climax of the story wherein the father of Pe arl admitted in public that he is the father and died, Hester was already needyd from sin. Hester and Pearl left for Europe and lived there until Pearl got get hitched with to an aristocrat. Hester came back to her community leaving a descent life and continued on wearing the scarlet letter even though she could have stayed at Europe together with her daughter (Woloszyn,2002).Adultery and the scarlet letter Adultery during the 1640s was punishable by death and whipping. During the time of Hawthorne the Plymouth law of 1694 dictates that those who commit adultery should intro a letter A on their dress (Eldred,1999). Thus, the Scarlet Letter of Hawthorne came about.The Plymouth law is viewed as a light punishment as compared to death and solemn whipping however the mark of adultery will be carried as long as she lives. Her child also experienced shame and dissimilarity specially during her childhood when other children harass and mock her. Hester, her mother, would throw st iodi ns at them to make them stop (Eldred,1999). Despite the many sufferings that she has incurred she has had chances of escaping her current state.Choices to escape the scarlet letter Hester had a choice to reveal the name of the father of her child but she refuse to do so. This could have been her way out of the shame that adultery has caused her but she neer did. She was made to wear the scarlet letter with the hopes that she will someday repent and reveal the name of father of her child (Hawthorne, 1981). She never did revealed his name. Perhaps out of love, compliments or other factors but this only proves that as a woman she is headstrong. She chose to endure a life as an outcast despite constant discrimination and hate thread that is brought about by the Scarlet letter that she wears. She still has communication with the father of her child. This is a reflection of her strength. Hester could have opt to live everlastingly in England but she chose to go back to her home town. W hen she came back she still wore the scarlet letter. She lived a humble life and her opinions were sought and she was respected (Woloszyn,2002). She had a mixed bag of options available for her since she has had a good life in England.For one she could have stayed there. Second she could have have came back but used a contrary identity. Third, she could have looked for a new husband. There are other options apart from coming back to her hometown wearing the scarlet letter. Im quite sure a swarm of women who have experienced what she has gone through would not even wear the scarlet letter again. She on the other hand continued wearing it as a sign of repentance.The woman behind the scarlet letter Hester is but a fragment of the millions of women who commit adultery. This is a sin however Hester proved that a person should not be judged by a single mistake but by how she lived her life. There are different factors that may push one to commit adultery but what matters is that Hester repented for her sins and continued to repent until the day she died. The scarlet letter that she has worn for so long has not penetrated in her. She is still free from bitterness and vile as she lived and showed a beautiful heart. Though she has committed a sin she refused to keep her head buried in shame. She held her head high, clear a descent living and raised a beautiful child. She serves as an inspiration for women.ReferencesEldred, Eric. Notes to the Scarlet Letter. 1999. 7August 2008 http//, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. Bantam Classics. 1981Woloszyn,Margaret. Short Stories 2002. 7August 2008 http//

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