Sunday, June 16, 2019

Peter's Declaration to Alexei Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Peters Declaration to Alexei - Essay ExampleThis declaration in question partakes of the conventions of the ethical will, a didactic literary genre popular with Russian moralists of solely political persuasions. However, instead of actually giving some moral and practical advice to Alexei, Peter decides to deprive him of his right to the inheritance of the throne. Peter I, though, does give reasons behind his strength toward his son, one important issue being that Alexei does not even care to listen to him regarding the military affairs although they should be grateful to the military for being in the better position they were in now as compared to the previous times. It is apparent that Peter I felt that the art of war is something that should be known by every young man. He felt that it is the only way through which they drop learn about order and defense and in Peters opinion, these two things are extremely important ingredients for there to be a well-ordered reign. Peters own son, however, failed in this area and it was his decision to renounce him as he is of no use to the kingdom he would be getting after Peter I. Peter I felt that Alexei cannot rule without having the know-how of such things. Thus, without any hesitation, Peter gave his son the status of a lazy slave and made him appear as a good for nothing lad who can never make into this world. Peter, I was sad that he had not been able to change his son and make something out of him though he had tried every kind of action, including verbal and physical beatings and scolding.

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