Friday, June 14, 2019

End of Confederacy and Efforts of Lincoln and Johnson Essay

End of Confederacy and Efforts of Lincoln and Johnson - Essay ExampleBut at the same time there were views favoring the ancestor based on limited role of federal government in restructuring process while ensuring unity and nationwide healing policy. This suggestion was against the policy of al-Qaida Reconstruction which was being viewed as the one based on hatred against the Southerners. The main concern of the government was that of defining its role in shaping the political, economical and social integrity of the southern states as the union forces had freed nearly four million slaves. The possibility of co-existence of freed slaves with the rest of white population in a acrimonious environment was more problematic than the war as it was the issue of slavery that spurred secession among southern states.In Congress, Democrats and moderate Republicans were favoring the lenient policing while the Radical Republicans were push button for harsher program and complete intervention o f federal authority in the restructuring process that should include total equality of newly freed slaves with the remaining white population. But electric chair Lincoln was in favor of the lenient approach as he was in believe that the war itself has changed the states dramatically and more punishment would actually jam the healing process and forward movement of the nation as a whole.

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