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Is Electromagnetic Radiation Dangerous?

Is Electrocharismatic Radiation Dangerous?thither atomic number 18 umpteen rumors and claims just more or less electromagnetic radiotherapy sicknesss risk. So investigation close more or less rumors about electromagnetic radioactivitys risk is ga in that respectd to this paper. As a result, we got information (1) non-ionizing radiation from home electronics is not severely harmful for us, (2) rigid electromagnetic radiation will social movement machine error to generate sparks and electrical currents, (3) electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not regarded as a medical condition, and (4) electronic harassment may exist. These results means electromagnetic radiation has risk of machine errors and aggrieve. But machine errors caused by electromagnetic radiation are taken billhooks. So we should take measure to misuse of electromagnetic radiation.Index Terms electromagnetic radiation, risks of electromagnetic radiation, machine errors, electronic harassmentI. INTRODUCTIONElec tromagnetic waver is dangerous, electromagnetic radiation inducts us leukemia, arousecer, and cataract. Such rumors about electromagnetic radiations risk are in many websites and books. Electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic radiation are invisible, odorless, and of course, vapidly. So we can not where electromagnetic waves exist and we tend to think insensible things are false or very dangerous. What is electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic radiation?Electromagnetic wave is wave, of course. Electromagnetic wave can propagate in a vacuum and matter independently 1. Also, electromagnetic wave is made from electric fields and magnetic fields 1. So electromagnetic waves are generated from electric currents.On the other hand, electromagnetic radiation is a phenomenon which electromagnetic waves carry energy and spread 1. It is a lot call(a)ed EMR. Also, there are many kinds of EMR. For example, x-rays, microwaves, and light. EMR is classified by its waves frequence or wavelen gth 1. High frequency electromagnetic waves throw short wavelength and luxuriously energy, and low frequency electromagnetic waves sport long wavelength and low energy. If frequency of electromagnetic wave changes, EMRs characteristic and behavior besides changes 1. For example, EMR such(prenominal)(prenominal) as ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays have high frequency and high energy comely to ionize atoms and molecules 2. They are called ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is contributing to medical treatment, industry, and world-beater generation. But because of its high energy, it causes DNA damage and radiation poisoning when it is misused 2. On the other hand, EMR such as visible light, infrared, microwaves, and radio waves have low frequency and low energy not enough to ionize atoms and molecules 3. So they are called non-ionizing radiation. Risks of ionizing radiation are easy to show and easy to render whereas risks of non-ionizing radiation are very difficult to study. So there are many rumors about non-ionizing radiations risks in many websites and books. For more arranged information about EMR, to use diagrams of the electromagnetic spectrum like Fig 1. are hearty(p) ways. The electromagnetic spectrum means possible frequency of electromagnetic waves and the electromagnetic spectrum is often ex messed as a diagram with useful information. So you can understand relationship between frequency and EMRs characteristics easily to use diagrams of the electromagnetic spectrum.. METHODFigure 1. An example of electromagnetic spectrums diagram. Figure reproduced from 4.Today, Scientists have enormous make outledge about electromagnetic radiation. But in fact, there are many rumors about electromagnetic radiation. Risks of electromagnetic radiation are ambiguous and we do not know clearly about risks of electromagnetic radiation especially non-ionizing radiation. So the study investigated about about common rumors about electromagnetic radiation , (1) electromagnetic radiations from post lines, office staff plants, TVs, and mobile phones are bad for our body and they cause leukemia and cancer, (2) Electromagnetic radiation causes machine errors, (3) Electromagnetic radiation cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity, (4) Some hatful are misusing electromagnetic radiation for electronic harassment. To clarify risks of electromagnetic radiation is important for proper measure, proper regulation, and safer society.. METHODTo do these investigations, online resources were used. In this paper, Wikipedia and WHOs factsheets were mainly used, and some websites about electronic harassment were used. Also, to find these online resources, Google was used.Keyword electromagnetic wave was used in Google to find 1, and 2, 3, 4 were ready as link in 1. Also, keywords electromagnetic radiation wellness were used in Google to find 5, and 6 was found as link in 5.In addition, keywords WHO electromagnetic wave health were used in Google to find 7, and 8 were found as link in 7.Finally, keywords (electromagnetic wave crime) were used in Google to find 10, and 9 were found as link in 10.. RESULTSFirst, according to Wikipedia and WHOs factsheets, electromagnetic radiations from power lines, power plants, TVs, and mobile phones are not severely harmful for us 5,6,7. Electromagnetic radiations from power lines, power plants, TVs, and mobile phones have passing low frequency electromagnetic waves. So they do not have energy enough to destroy or burn cells and DNA. Also, according to WHOs research, there are no evidences that show extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves are harmful for cells and DNA 8. In other words, non-ionizing radiations from home electronics are safe if they are not too strong.Also, these online resources summons to electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a disease which causes self-described headaches, nauseas, and lassitude. People who have Electromagnetic hypers ensitivity claim we feel sick where electromagnetic radiations exist and electrical devices which generate electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phones, TVs, and computers make us sick. But these online resources also say electromagnetic radiation is not responsible for electromagnetic hypersensitivity 5,6,7,. In addition, electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not regarded as a medical condition. It may come from a fear of electromagnetic radiations or placebo effects.Second, strong electromagnetic radiation cause electrical currents and electrical arcs (sparks) and electrical currents and electrical arcs from strong electromagnetic radiation cause machines overloads and errors. Also, strong electromagnetic radiation cause explosion to ignite flammable objects and gases to cause sparks. Like this, it often causes severe accidents 5.Especially, army must think of this risk because strong electromagnetic radiation can make errors weapons such as missiles and bombers. For example, US Army defines electromagnetic radiation hazards (RADHAZ or EMR hazards) Hazards caused by electrical equipments such as radars and antennas that generates strong electromagnetic radiation near weapons, fuels, and people. Of course, if the accidents cause, they will be big and dangerous. So, for example, MIL-STD-464A shows electromagnetic radiation assessment.Third, electronic harassment may exist 9,10. Electronic harassment is a severe harassment using electromagnetic radiation to torture and damage target parson from far places. This harassment leaves very few evidences, so electronic harassment is considered as an urban myth. But there are many conferences and networks of victims of electronic harassment and most victims are reporting harassments and damages specifically, gathering evidences, and revealing severe harassment. Some people claim they have schizophrenia and obsession. But many victims of electronic harassment can think logically and they leave their consideration. So me victims study electromagnetism hard and do experiments. Also, many documents imply electronic harassment is executable todays technology 9,10.. DISCUSSIONThese results means electromagnetic radiation is not dangerous if it is controlled or in ordinary environments. Of course, ionizing radiation is dangerous if it is not controlled, but non-ionizing radiation do not cause severe health problems. So extremely low frequency wave from power lines, power plants, TVs, and mobile phones is not very dangerous for us. In addition, if the risk of leukemia and cancer doubles, the number of patient of leukemia and cancer will increase very trivial because the risk of leukemia and cancer is very little.But these results also mean electromagnetic radiation has risk of machine errors and misuse. We must control electromagnetic radiation, especially strong electromagnetic radiation properly, to prevent terrible accidents such as explosion. Also, machine errors caused by electromagnetic radiatio n are taken measures, but misuse of electromagnetic radiation is not taken measures. So we should think of take measures to misuse of electromagnetic radiation such as electronic harassment. If misuses of electromagnetic radiation such as electronic harassment are not taken measured, our society will be horrible, and oppressed.Thus, electromagnetic radiations have the risk of machine error and misuse such as electronic harassment. So we should make new regulation about electromagnetic radiation as soon as possible.Video Games A Great Source Of EntertainmentVideo Games A Great Source Of EntertainmentNowadays, people in the world are so busy with their activities where they do not have enough time to waste. This is wherefore for getting a job, they need to be engageed. And motion-picture show games can now play a bouncy role for this. For example, if someone wants to ensure driving, he can use video game console to train himself. There are so many institutes that train people in virtual world. And this is now saving peoples valuable time. Some researchers report that video game make people smarter. As Dr Bavelier, (2012) points out that, people who play action games such as shooting games make them faster. This is why they can focus well in their specific job field. It is kind of training. In addition, multitasking means people who can do different tasks at the same time. For example, people who play shooting or action games are faster at changing tasks than other people (Bavelier, 2012).In addition, gamers can do physical and mental exercise by vie video games. When a gamer plays video game, he needs to be faster and alert all the time. For example, when someone plays racing games, suddenly he may needs to change his direction and he has to do this quickly. And it affects their psyche. That is why they always think quickly. non only that, there are some strategy games can make them clever. For instance, when they play this kind of games, they always ha ve to concentrate and think critically. And at that time, their brain work rapidly and make them faster, quicker and clever in real life. According to Park, (2011). there are some games such as walking on a treadmill or dance dance revolution can help gamers for doing physical exercise. For example, gamers need to press the gamepad button quickly as well as they have to move their body all the time. Moreover, video games also might help people to learn english, especially who do not know english very well. For example, some action-strategy games such as L.A Noire, Grand Theft Auto, Desperadoes and so on have some critical missions where gamers must need to know english very well. Otherways, gamers may not understand the purpose of the mission. There was a research by the subroutine of Naval Research (ONR) reports that, people who play videogames can perform 10-20 percent higher than non-game players. So, videogames improving their abilities. In addition, there are certain video gam es such as Brain Age and Guitar Hero can also improve gamers hand-eye coordination as well as boost auditory sense (Dr. Kornel, 2011). According to Kornel, (2011), brain is always working and it is in learning mode. That is why new synapses are being formed between the neurons. And it means, gamers are learning something new through games.Not only that, videogames can help people to make a good interaction in social life. For example, children can play just dance with their parents or grandparents. This is a kind of bridge between two generation. Moreover, young adults or children play games online. For example, gamers who play Fifa, can create a tournament and add their friends online. This is why, they can maintain social life in the virtual world and it helps them to keep in spook with their friends and family. However, video game software and hardware companies such as EA, nintendo, konami, sega, ubisoft, DS, sony, microsoft and so on are selling millions of games and hardware every year. And this amount is increasing. They are earning millions of dollars every year. In 2010, nintendo earned $15.75 billion, Sony earned $13.4 billion, Microsoft got $12.82 billion as well as there are so many companies earned billions of dollars at the same time. Not only that, game developers are also get a large amount of money as their salary. Develop stuff (2013) reports that the average income of game developer is more than 34000. So, this is one of the most valuable business in all over the world.On the other hand, there are also some demerits of playing video games. Many people claim that, crime and violence are being increased because of video games. And it is legitimate that, there are some notorious crimes are occurring by young adults and adults. Especially, those who are between the age group of 18-35. Violent games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Mafia and so on are responsible to enhance people to do crime. There are some dangerous violence had occurr ed past few years. According to NDTV, (2012) reports that, Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 innocent people in Norway. There were more than 400 ascorbic acid people included police in the island also he wanted to kill all of them. And then, investigators found that Breivik actually inspired by violent video games to kill people. And he trained himself by playing this kind of games. The Guardian, (2012) also reports that an american gunman killed 20 people in a school. And he also inspired by violent video games. And this is kind of sickness. Moreover, people who are mentally sick by playing video games robbing banks, doing crimes on the street and so on. Actually, this kind of people feel lonely and play violent video games more than 12 hours everyday and they are not keep in touch with their family. This is why, it affects them much than other gamers. And this kind of addiction make them sick mentally. Moreover, nowadays children and young adults do not go to playground that much. Rather, they love to stay at home and play video games on playstation or xbox. This is why they can not get the real taste of playing sports such as football, hoops and so on. In addition, day by day they stop making interaction with their family and friends. They maintain social life, but this is on in virtual world. This is why it affects on their brain and in future they may fear people to meet. Because their brain is not used to it. It means lack of social contacts. Moreover, for these reasons, their behave take up to change specially the people who play play violent video games. They behave aggressively with the people and that kind of sickness make them introvert. So, to lead a healthy and beautiful life, negative behaves can not be expected.Video games have positive and negative sides. And negative sides can be reduced by playing some necessary roles. For example, parents should look after their children properly such as what they do and what they play. They can make a dail y routine for their children. Therefore, children or young adults will play games at their leisure times. In addition, parents can take their children to the playground and play games with them. That is why, children can stay close with their parents. This is how can parents guide their children. Children and young adults can learn many positive things from their school. For example, teachers can teach them about the positive and negative sides of playing games. Moreover, they can also teach them to make a better social life. Not only that, government and media can play a very important role. For instance, they can advertise about the demerits of playing video games and not to do any violence or a crime.In conclusion, people can not blame only video games for crimes or violence. Because, their are millions of people play videogames all over the world. They all are not doing crimes or violence. So it can be said that, play videogames for joyment. It is true that, video games have neg ative sides. But it can be improved. That is why, necessary steps should be taken to control the crimes and violence.

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