Monday, June 10, 2019

Identify and describe 4 additional items that can be added to improve Assignment

Identify and describe 4 additional items that can be added to improve the gradation criteria for assessment of SOCIAL,ECONOMIC,ENVIRONMENTAL,impacts - Assignment Example away from the internal green team, which oversees the institutions sustainability initiatives (David,2011), the company should establish external independent evaluators who give constantly inform the management on the progress towards achievement of sustainability activities and strategies.The business entity should obtain a written service delivery charter, which shows the standards of service delivery which the business pledges to the biotic community especially for offsite tourism activities. This should supplement the business code of conduct as specifyd in the STEP criteria(Patterson, 2005). This is a good framework for a sustainable business development as it provides a criterion for both the business its customers and the community to evaluate the performance of the business.There should be a well set com munication plan which indicates the mechanism by means of which the entity cascades its sustainability plan to the community. Chief among them is through the organization of a get together of the business management, employees and stakeholders. As such, the business should come up with a plan showing how often such activities will be held and consequently adhere to its plan. This can be evaluated by ascertaining the existence of such a plan at the time of evaluation.To ensure that there is prudish monitoring of the sustainability plan, the business should formulate the policy or strategy implementation matrix. The matrix should indicate the employees and stakeholders involved in its implementation, and the time frame and resources required. In addition, it should indicate the economic implication to all stakeholders involved. This is vital in ensuring that the local community can ascertain their benefit if they assist in achievement of entities objectives.The existing STEP criteri on indicates that the company should indicate the volume of garbage it recycles. However, it is important for the

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