Friday, August 16, 2019

Building an Ethical organization in a mental health association Essay

Our organization is a Mental Health Association of Kentucky which is a private organization having countrywide membership and board of directors who in essence represents the diverse cultures of Kentucky. It is an association that falls under the category of health care industry. It is believed to be the oldest mental health support group in the whole commonwealth. Its mission is to support and provide education, information and undertaking out research directed at the prevention and curing mental related diseases. The main aim of MHAKY is to offer informational services all over Kentucky that will assist in the improvement and understanding of individual’s desires and they mostly focus on helping the mentally sick people in ensuring that they live healthy and active lives thus those individuals can achieve their goals like each and every person in the world. Our Vision The organization is to attain a kind and healthy community whereby the public is given value, self-respect, and the chance to accomplish their complete potential without stigmatization and discrimination. The challenge of this organization has always been the desire to be international in scope, currently we only serve the people of Kentucky. This have been a challenge to the entire management of MHAKY as we have the desire to be wide in scope, we would like to provide our services to all people around the globe not only to the people of Kentucky. This organization is big in size and can be said to be providing quality services to all in Kentucky and its environs. (Dale, 2001) Values statement Since it’s a big association we have many employees including subordinates staff and also a number of supervisors in the various departments in the organization. The stage in the life cycle of the organization in the health industry can be said to be at its peak because at the moment the organization is offering quality services and at the same time it has good reputation among the people living in Kentucky and especially from those who have been treated in the organization. It’s widely known organization and most of the people from all over the country always seek consultation and treatment for their relatives or friends in the organization whenever we have problems associated with mental illnesses. (Dale, 2001) Through a well organized and coordinated series of managerial activities that comprises of planning, leading, organizing, directing, and controlling of all the resources in our organization including employees in order to achieve desirable results. We achieve our success through the recruiting competent, motivated and qualified employees in order to achieve good results, good communication system in the organization, unambiguous policies, decisions and regulations, a conducive environment for working, good management, ability to adapt to any changes, an efficient board of directors and building a viable and strong culture and mission among others. Our association is a consciously co-coordinated social unit composed of two or more people that functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals. Therefore this effectiveness is always achieved through the management functions; planning, which encompasses defining our goals by establishing an overall strategy for achieving those goals and developing a comprehensive hierarchy of plans to integrate and coordinate activities, organizing, which is the determination of what tasks have to be done, who does them how the tasks are to be grouped? Who reports to whom and where decisions are to be made. Controlling, this involves monitoring the organizations performance, leading, which involves managers motivating subordinates, directing the activities to be done, selecting the most appropriate channels of communication and resolving any conflicts among our employees. (Dale, 2001) The management of MHAKY should improve on managerial activities by building people skills through friendly management and also motivation of employees. The management has also put in place enough machinations to cope with the ever changing environment and these can be evidenced because of the continuous improvements of operations and continued update of knowledge and skills by the workers through training. Also the organization has emphasized the importance of work groups in achieving results. It has been a challenge to the entire management to be effective in the activities and much need to be done including training of managers in order to cope with change in the health industry. Dale, 2001) Our structure should be clearly outlined such that the employees know what they are expected from them in the course of their duties. This will lead to reduction of conflicts between management and the workers because there will be no vague policies. The structures should be in such a way that it fits the modern world and should be adaptable by the employees.

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