Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Service, Solidarity and social justice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Service, Solidarity and social justice - Essay Example In the author’s view, social injustices and suffering do have an exact form of measure thereby making it difficult to quantify or minimize. The three personalities showed solidarity with the poor, fought for their rights and stood by them. However, the culprits oppressing the disadvantage take every measure to ensure they continue with their oppression; a good example being the killings of Romero and Gustavo when they were campaigning against the oppression of the poor. The author proposes that the best way to deal with suffering and violence is to lay down fundamentals such as schools and hospitals. Additionally, many other allies to join the fight against oppression the way Martin Luther and the predecessors have done in the past. In summary, the author views accompaniments as the best way of dealing with grief and loss. One of the author’s main point of argument is that fields such as medicine and public health are neglecting the issue of grief and loss. I think this is not true because one of the fundamental principles taught to medicine students is how to console their patients and make them feel at home even when they are facing the toughest challenges such as cancer. In my opinion, doctors and public health officials offer much consolation the same way the liberation fighters provide solidarity to the poor. On the other hand, I strongly concur with the author that indeed it is quite challenging to quantify the amount of suffering one experience. Suffering that causes grief and loss are subjective in that what I view as suffering may not be misery to another person. The controversial view of suffering makes it hard to dealing with it. Respecting and acknowledging the efforts that activists such as Romero, Gustavo, and Martin did put in liberating the poor from oppression is not inevitable as they impacted on the lives of the helpless at a time of

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